Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sighting and other poems of faith. Mahanaim Publishing, Saint Lucia.

While Xlibris have published a full colour edition of 'Sighting and other poems of faith,' in softcover, hardcover and e book format, my Mahanaim Publishing has produced a local edition. It varies slightly from the Xlibris edition with the addition of one poem as a Prologue, and some exchanging of photographic illustrations. The majority of photographs are my own. The Xlibris coffee table 8.5 x 11 is replaced by a 8.25 x 6.5 format, thus making this edition a 118p book.
The cover photo is my own, of our highest mountain, Morne Gimie, 3145 ft.
The poems of faith trace my journey of faith as a Christian from the late seventies. They reflect my 'Pilgrim's progress' through my Caribbean life and experience, my perception of the world in which I live, with a consciousness of the world beyond my island's shores. My Christian faith is essentially an orthodox, conservative, evangelical faith. The Reformation with its anchors in first century Christianity and its essential doctrines of justification by faith and Biblical inerrancy, is my theological base. My images are drawn from my landscape, my Caribbean culture and contemporary history. In terms of literature, the great Christian writers, past and contemporary, have been my models. The seventeenth century Metaphysicals and the modernists like Gerard Manley Hopkins and T S Eliot are literary forbears and teachers. Caribbean poets like Walcott, Brathwaite and others have been influences in terms of form and their perceptions of Caribbean culture and history. As Walcott has said, correctly, my poems try not to be "preachy or self advertising in terms of its morality." I recognise the benefits of living in a democracy and speak and write from my corner in a pluralistic world.
This collection is dedicated to the Church. The poems are gathered from several earlier collections and new work.
'Sighting and other poems of faith' is published and produced in St. Lucia. I have always thought it important to promote and support our local publishing industry, no matter how modest.

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