Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morne Gimie, Saint Lucia.


In the blue-dyed surfing of air
an inverted rainbowl
perches its prismatic lips
across the gracious, steadfast earth,

and in Veronica's garden
a cavorting butterfly prevaricates
among the vanes
of pigeon-peas' yellow blossoms,

and across town,
you yearn after those sexy dancers
barrelling through space,
arching, escalating over breath.

Contemplating Morne Gimie's triple mornes,
I envision Him
taken from our clouding sight,
upon the elevating air.

(c) John Robert Lee - from "elemental" in "elemental: new and selected poems" Peepal Tree, 2008.
(c) John Robert Lee - photograph, Morne Gimie, Wednesday October 21st.

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