Tuesday, September 22, 2009

more work in progress

At Mount Pleasant, St. Lucia

On the radio, classical music from horizon-clear Martinique.

Mid-December, mid-afternoon, light breezes under the over-spreading mango,
across envined palmiste, through the abandoned garden, and you imagine the shadows
lacquered, set. The antique
stone staircase reduced to one forlorn curve and a few broken flagstones
leans against the shade. In the frame, between grasses, is that an egret?
Pastoral pauses at Mount Pleasant, above Castries, in sight of Morne du Don villas,
high palms edging
the drift of hill across its barricade

of blue bent space.
Obama, certain strained friendships, the graduation of apprentices,
afternoon softening to pastel, numinous,
over Choc's procession of bright stones - what urgent
apocalypse hesitates to interrupt the coralita flirting among golden crotons?

On the radio, creole music of Malavoi from Martinique.

(c) John Robert Lee

(c) photographs by John Robert Lee


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